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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unlocking the mysteries of the Past and Present to make it to ETERNAL LIFE=FUTURE!

I agree there are angel’s right beside us everyday conquering life inch by inch and working as a team with us. It can be a living human, a living animal or a dead spirit that has died and knew you in life. If you are balanced and are a fair person you will have a stronger team (human, animal or spirit). It is your duty to establish that team and work as a group as in a circle. In return, they supply us either with negative or positive energy and vise versa. REMEMBER THIS: It is our duty to give them the courage and strength if needed to live the correct positive way of life in order for all of us to all achieve that eternal life. Good nourishment, love and hospitality should be given to receive blessings and positive energy in return. You have to give and you will receive the purest and most powerful of energies. Turning a negative into a positive...that is the key to life.

ANOTHER POINT TO REMEMBER: You need to do selfless acts of non-monetary gain in order to achieve this. Money is materialistic and we have been adapted socially and brainwashed by generation to generation to a root of all evil. Comfort and luxury isn't needed to survive. More than fewer times it corrupts us into a world of bad habits for the body, soul and environment. Who is the root of all evil? These are the people who profit off of the unfortunate, ignorant and make a materialistic world. These people turn us into slaves in order to achieve respect and power by manipulation. My opinion is Religions are a base of manipulation which can be good or bad but have the same perspective in mind when describing the creation of the universe and life as pieces of literature. They have the intentions of making life in the future generations the interpretation of what life should be in order for all our Solar given privileges and universal minerals and gases can perform in the right balance and formula to achieve the eternal path of purity in our bodies, waters, and oxygen. Sounds like heaven to me. If we continue to pollute our bodies and the environment with the wrong chemicals and ways of being we are destroying our past, present and future.
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The Egyptians, Mayans and early civilizations have left us with a treasure that still remains a mystery to us still today. The great mysteries of the pyramids have always been an enigma. My belief (again, based solely on my interpretations of what life is about) is that in Egyptian times Kings had somewhat the right formula to achieving the afterlife because they had intelligence like no other thru what was referred to as "manna". "Manna is a whole other topic in itself but it had special abilities." Anyway, Pyramids are used as time machines to travel through time by the power of minerals and solar power combined together because the universe is a hologram. Does this mean that they actually physically were able to achieve this? No! When they died they were placed in the pyramids in order to preserve their bodies, royalties and cultures in order for their spirits to still be amongst us today and be in multiple dimensions and manipulate their current family, friends and descendants. Since they're bodies, royalties and culture have lived for numerous amounts of time because they were structurally preserved in these pyramids we are able to know about the way they considered eternal life’s successes because they were able to see the future we live today through their time machine tombs and figured this is the correct way of life. They actually saw the future and assumed this is the way we are supposed to live and applied it to their lives. These beliefs which are used in the modern world today are destroying the human race. In early times these civilizations had the time to actually figure out how the universe works because there wasn't time spent on the enslavement of work for monetary profit. The Egyptians created the form of life we live today which is a pyramid empire which you can interpret in two ways and can be good and bad. You can use a pyramid structure to advance into making the world a better place by working as a balance. Pyramids on the other hand shouldn't be used for monetary gain because that is not the purpose it was originally intended for. It should be used to unite us into getting us into the right positive direction that will lead us into a pure state of being as a group in order to provide "our father" the sun, our minerals "the rocky planets", our gases "the gas planets", the spirits, "our stars", and our moon "our mirror into the future reacting with the suns solar power and rotation as a working similar to a camera to produce pictures of the future that are filled with purity." It is our duty to produce role model type pictures of the correct perception as to what life should be. Develop the right influences, the right path and we have the answer right in front of our faces this whole time.
HA HA HA...I think I have the world figured out. Now I need to discover the powers of accomplishing World Peace. Are you in?

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